What do we do ?

We make videos that tell the story of how and why your product is remarkable.

No matter what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to or how you plan on selling it, we’re here to translate your vision on the screen, so that your messsage can be delivered in the most efficient and compelling way possible.

We tend to specialize on videos for disruptive and innovative projects, but If you value innovation and creativity, then we speak the same language and we’d be happy to talk.

How long does it take ?

Before the project even starts, we want to sit down with you to talk about your needs, your story and your vision. This process allows us get a sense of who you are and helps us determine what type of video would work with what you’re trying to accomplish.  We call this the conversation phase.

Once that is done, we move on to the conception phase. This involves the writing of the script and the treatment, a document that outlines the director’s approach. The production phase is where the magic happens. We turn the script into a storyboard and shot list, set up the cast and crew, scout for locations and yell action. (We can let you yell action if you want) During the post-production phase, we bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The average duration of a project is 6-8 weeks, and depends a lot on the nature of the project as well as the length of the validation process.

How much does it cost ?

Good videos cost real money.

Although they look like they could be easy to make, they require time, resources and expertise to make sure that the job is done well.

That being said, we operate as a lean startup and our company’s growth is contingent on your project’s success, so we really do have an incentive to make sure that you get the best possible value for the budget that you have.

Let us know about the nature of your project as well as an estimated range of the budget you had in mind, and if we find that we’re a good fit, we’ll help you figure out the arrangement that will best suit your needs.